Founded in 2006 in Solingen Germany, CORRFLEXO supplies machine knives, grinding wheels, polyurethane rolls and other replacement components to the corrugated board industry.

By a process of continuous development with our global manufacturing partners, CORRFLEXO ensures that all its products meet or exceed OEM specifications while offering competitive prices and fast delivery. Corrugators in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America all depend on superior CORRFLEXO quality and service.

CORRFLEXO has an international reputation for honesty, competence and professionalism and conducts business with our clients on a strong basis of moral values. With the opening of our subsidiary CORRFLEXO USA, we are prepared to cater to the needs of current and potential customers in the rapidly-growing North American market. CORRFLEXO USA is a significant advance in the development of successful partnerships with our North American clients.